New Testament Theology

The lord's Supper and the first-century body of Christ


From the Preface
Understanding the meaning and importance of the Lord’s Supper or Eucharist,[1]  the sacred meal depicting the common grace believers have received from the Lord Jesus Christ, is essential for faithful devotion for all Christians. It is my hope that this essay will compel the followers of Jesus to draw near to Him and understand more deeply the historical and theological meaning of His Supper. In the end, may we all bring genuine worship and the Fruit of the Spirit to all our relationships surrounding the Lord’s Table.   

PDF Keynotes Slides

The PDF Keynote Slides are based on a teaching series at Christ Church only. 

A critical monograph entitled, The Sacred Christian Meal and the Grace of God: The Lord’s Supper in the First-Century Body of Christ, is scheduled to be published in the late Fall 2022 to Spring 2023. 

[1] I will use the terms Eucharist and Communion interchangeably with the Lord’s Supper through this work. Context will demonstrate when usage is intended to refer to the Catholic or Orthodox traditions.