women in ministry: 
A New Testament Theology in Historical Context

Second edition coming 2023

The topic of women in ministry is of crucial importance in today’s culture. The notion that a woman can run for the office of President of the United States of America and yet be forced to remain silent in a church where males are the exclusively authorized agents of Biblical orthodoxy and orthopraxy creates cognitive dissonance. Unfortunately, some churches and individuals still promote the belief that a woman is innately or inherently inferior to a male spiritually, intellectually, and even emotionally.[1] The following research is intended to give a more focused and coherent image of a Biblical theology regarding a woman in ministry as presented within the Biblical text and the greater historical context of the New Testament world.

[1] The idea that a female is innately inferior to a male on the basis of emotions was common in the Greco-Roman world. See Dale Martin and The Corinthian Body.