what clients are saying about grace counseling clinic

"Had low expectations as I have been to other counselors and felt that my time and theirs was wasted. Grace counseling connected with me and educated me in a way the others could not. I can truly say I am at a much better place in my life. Thank you Grace Counseling!"

"I came to Grace Counseling Clinic with a heavy mind and lots of stress. My therapist was amazing!"

"I have a history of trauma and I have trust issues. I felt very safe and was able open myself up and submit to the healing process. My care has been life changing. Thank you Grace Counseling." 

"The level of care and commitment during our time of treatment was excellent and a blessing from God. I am so very thankful for Chris and his compassionate heart and understanding nature. The benefits we received from this clinic are life changing. Thank you for wonderful care!"

"Chris is very professional, but not intimidating. He knows how to probe without making one feel uncomfortable. He listens and just instinctively knows when to move you to the right topic or exercise.
With each meeting I was able to move up in the right direction. He is scientific, empathetic, and spiritual.
He shifts from each of these with ease and accuracy. I know I can return if needed and will do so if needed.
Was a great experience! I feel blessed and privileged.

"Highly recommend, without reservation, the competence, capability & sincerity of this extremely proficient counselor! Received remarkable guidance & support from Chris Perry. His ability to connect, suggest & fully understand is outstanding! 

"Grace Counseling Clinic gave me the tools I needed to help me understand my past and why I battled with anxiety for years. I now have the ability to respond in healthier ways to anxiety. I also discovered how God has always had my life in his hands and how much He loves me." 

"When we were going through the darkest time of our lives. Grace Counseling Clinic and Christ Church ministered to our wounded spirit and loved us when we had lost all hope." 

"I’ve never felt more free than after working with this clinic. They gave me an ear to say things I never would have otherwise, along with practical advice and incredible insight. Highly recommend."

"Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have found GCC.
Because of the care I received, my entire family has been blessed. I now have happier and healthier relationships, a positive view of self, and strengthened spirituality. Thank you!"

"I've been very blessed by Grace Counseling Clinic. I've had so much baggage weighing me down for years. I felt hopeless, alone, and bitter. But with GCC I've experienced healing and relief. I've seen dramatic changes in myself that lead to a healthy life. My relationships with my family and partner have improved. I've even learned to forgive myself and those around me (a task I thought impossible). I will be forever grateful for Grace Counseling Clinic. Thank you for making a difference."

"Chris is one of the most genuine people I know. He is caring and compassionate, and that comes through in how he attends to individuals. It is evident that he has spent many hours of study so that he can use that knowledge to reach out and help others. I consider him to be not just a counselor, but a friend, and I am grateful to God that He has allowed our paths to cross. 
Thank you for what you do for the lost and the hurting of this world."

"The guidance my family and my child received during the counseling period was life changing. 

Chris is so calm and a picture of grace. There is no doubt that the Lord has gifted him in helping people to heal and thrive."

"Chris was able to address the specific issues I was having with ideas that sometimes seemed simple but at the same time were things I just couldn't see or figure out. He also was able to broaden things out and helped me to see the big picture when I was focusing on the small things. I was able to see the little, specific negative things I had decided to focus on were really not that important once you looked at them with a wider angle. Actually, there was a lot of positive things present.

I’m a healthier, happier person due to my treatment!