what clients are saying about grace counseling clinic

Grateful for the thought-provoking questions and guidance I received. Grace Counseling Clinic helped me work through my past, profess my present, and give hope for the future.

A very challenging but very beneficial and healing time. Chris saved our marriage and we are very grateful.

I’m so grateful for Chris and GCC. I’ve not only experienced healing but I also have a treasure trove of practical tools to help me going forward. Thank you!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started counseling with Chris. I was given support, counsel, honesty, and a friendship that I cherish today. Chris has a way to blend spiritual truths with clinical practice that isn’t heavy-handed or sensational. I would recommend Grace Counseling Clinic to anyone and everyone.

Grace counseling came into my life, exactly when I needed it. I was at the lowest point I have ever been in my life. The counseling I received along with the assignments I was given, have been enabled me to live again! I feel happiness I have not felt in a very long time. I was very blessed to have this experience, and very grateful to the person who referred me to this very effective counseling service. Please try it for yourself and see how it can change your life!

I have so much gratitude for the time you spent shepherding me last year. I am in such a profoundly different place in my life because of your insight. The safe haven you provided to be authentic, broken, angry and ultimately ‘seen’ was an answer to so many years of prayers. I say all of this to encourage you in the work that God has called you to do. It is sanctified work and a true life saver for me! Not only am I just better on the whole, I am reading through the Bible for the first time ever (day 91!). So if people second guess the work you do feel free to mention that you guided my heart back to its maker and I am now on firmer spiritual ground!

10 out of 10 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I have been to several counselors in my time, but never experienced one so genuine, caring, kind, joyful, witty, compassionate, educated, and Christ like as Chris Perry. He helped me heal from many things including grief that was almost unbearable. The one thing I admire most is his wise advice and helping me to see things in a different light. He made me feel as if he truly cared and wanted what was best. He has a gift from God to share His good news with encouragement and hope to everyone regardless of where they came from and what they have gone through. He is the real deal. I feel so thankful to have had his guidance and help.


It’s never too late if you’re willing to put the work in. I was hopeless when I stepped in the clinic for the first sessions, but through my counselor and the Grace of God I found victory over pain and betrayal. I was taught and told when I was wrong. Sometimes someone has to point out where you’re wrong because you can’t see it, and also where to stand your ground and have a voice. I was cared for through it all. God is good and that is evident in Grace Counseling Clinic."

I began counseling with Chris after we moved back from out of state, I was dealing with depression and grief over a few areas. Chris and was very professional and took the extra effort to connect with me on a professional yet personal level. We only had a few sessions, but the sessions we had were incredible and eye opening for me. He gave me the right counsel and tools to work through my struggles in a biblical and practical way that has helped me move forward! His staff is super professional and gracious. Overall this has been hands down my best counseling experience and I am thankful to Grace Counseling Clinic for all they have done. I would strongly encourage and recommend Grace to anyone, no matter what you are going through!"

"I had a wonderful experience with Grace Counseling Clinic.
I felt heard, cared for, and given practical therapeutic steps to help overcome some of the hard things I was dealing with. I now feel like I have to tools I need to move forward.

"I have family members that have been going to Grace Counseling Clinic for quite some time. After putting off their recommendation to visit with Chris repeatedly (if you're not ready to deal, you're just not ready), I found myself a walking testimony of how doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is indeed insanity. I am so grateful I finally took the step to get out of the boat. Chris Perry truly cares. His clinical experience and education makes him a true counseling professional and the spiritual priority he places on inviting the Lord and bringing the Word in to every session was vital for me.
The kindness, caring and compassion I have received, along with accountability for my actions and challenges to do the work towards healing have been life changing!"

"Chris was instrumental in not only the immediate need of my spouse,
but also helping us both identify opportunities to strengthen our marriage.
He also helped us identify childhood hurts that followed us into adulthood and how to better manage these feelings. Chris truly loves people and loves what he does.He also speaks the Truth in love even when it's "ouchy".

"The time I have had at Grace Counseling Clinic has been a LIFE CHANGING experience! I have healed in ways I never imagined possible and now have a genuine understanding and knowledge of what true freedoms feels like. Chris provided me with the insight, wisdom, tools, and advice that helped me navigate through past trauma and some of the most difficult times of my life. I am forever grateful for the attentiveness, love, understanding, grace, and care that I received during every session with Chris. I can’t say enough about how this place and these people have changed my life forever. Thank you Grace Counseling and Chris!!!"

"Transformative experience, I am so thank for the ministry you do through the clinic.
It is making a huge difference in my life!"

"Chris is the kindest, most attentive, insightful counselor. He has helped me to heal and answer the deep questions within myself. His thoughts and questions help direct healing and awareness. I believe the sessions with him have helped to better my life for today, and tomorrow. Thank you Grace Counseling and Chris!

"Thank you for helping me not only find the key to the shackles I had put myself in but also walking with me until I figured out how to unlock them and let them fall off."

"Grace counseling is just what it says.. full of grace and helped me see the grace from God as it affected me. And in turn helps me to give grace in my own family. I am worthy in Gods eyes to be his child. He is full of grace. And Grace counseling helped to see it again."

"Because of the very kind and loving people working in Grace Counseling Clinic, I was able to learn things about myself that I might never have on my own. Everyone was encouraging and provided excellent hospitality. I will forever be grateful for this Weekend Intensive."

"It was so helpful during the hardest time of my life. It helped me a lot. I can not say thank you enough."

"I came to Grace Counseling Clinic with a heavy mind and lots of stress. My therapist was amazing!"

"Had low expectations as I have been to other counselors and felt that my time and theirs was wasted. Grace counseling connected with me and educated me in a way the others could not. I can truly say I am at a much better place in my life. Thank you Grace Counseling!"

"I have broken through so many spiritual blockades in my life and grown so much and it all started with your help! You have truly been a blessing in my life and I thank you for the help you have given me in counseling and pastoral leadership! My aunt told me tonight that she has seen a change in me and she has witnessed spiritual walls come crashing down and I attribute that to the help you have given me! I have put more value on my life and my overall outlook on life and myself! Since you have helped me for the first time in I don’t know how long I don’t feel worthless, I don’t doubt myself or God’s plan in my life! I treat and hold myself with more value! With God’s value!! I no longer feel degraded or dirty! I now see myself how God sees me and trust in God’s will and plan for my life! I just wanted you to know that you are valued and I am so grateful and thankful that I have been blessed to have you in my life as a counselor and pastor!

"I have a history of trauma and I have trust issues. I felt very safe and was able open myself up and submit to the healing process. My care has been life changing. Thank you Grace Counseling." 

"The level of care and commitment during our time of treatment was excellent and a blessing from God. I am so very thankful for Chris and his compassionate heart and understanding nature. The benefits we received from this clinic are life changing. Thank you for wonderful care!"

"Chris is very professional, but not intimidating. He knows how to probe without making one feel uncomfortable. He listens and just instinctively knows when to move you to the right topic or exercise.
With each meeting I was able to move up in the right direction. He is scientific, empathetic, and spiritual.
He shifts from each of these with ease and accuracy. I know I can return if needed and will do so if needed.
Was a great experience! I feel blessed and privileged.

"Highly recommend, without reservation, the competence, capability & sincerity of this extremely proficient counselor! Received remarkable guidance & support from Chris Perry. His ability to connect, suggest & fully understand is outstanding! 

"Grace Counseling Clinic gave me the tools I needed to help me understand my past and why I battled with anxiety for years. I now have the ability to respond in healthier ways to anxiety. I also discovered how God has always had my life in his hands and how much He loves me." 

"When we were going through the darkest time of our lives. Grace Counseling Clinic and Christ Church ministered to our wounded spirit and loved us when we had lost all hope." 

"I’ve never felt more free than after working with this clinic. They gave me an ear to say things I never would have otherwise, along with practical advice and incredible insight. Highly recommend."

"Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have found GCC.
Because of the care I received, my entire family has been blessed. I now have happier and healthier relationships, a positive view of self, and strengthened spirituality. Thank you!"

"I've been very blessed by Grace Counseling Clinic. I've had so much baggage weighing me down for years. I felt hopeless, alone, and bitter. But with GCC I've experienced healing and relief. I've seen dramatic changes in myself that lead to a healthy life. My relationships with my family and partner have improved. I've even learned to forgive myself and those around me (a task I thought impossible). I will be forever grateful for Grace Counseling Clinic. Thank you for making a difference."

"Chris is one of the most genuine people I know. He is caring and compassionate, and that comes through in how he attends to individuals. It is evident that he has spent many hours of study so that he can use that knowledge to reach out and help others. I consider him to be not just a counselor, but a friend, and I am grateful to God that He has allowed our paths to cross. 
Thank you for what you do for the lost and the hurting of this world."

"The guidance my family and my child received during the counseling period was life changing. 

Chris is so calm and a picture of grace. There is no doubt that the Lord has gifted him in helping people to heal and thrive."

"Chris was able to address the specific issues I was having with ideas that sometimes seemed simple but at the same time were things I just couldn't see or figure out. He also was able to broaden things out and helped me to see the big picture when I was focusing on the small things. I was able to see the little, specific negative things I had decided to focus on were really not that important once you looked at them with a wider angle. Actually, there was a lot of positive things present.

I’m a healthier, happier person due to my treatment!