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Please agree in prayer for our Supreme Court to make a God honoring decision in the case filed against the FDA regarding the following: (words taken from court documents) 1 FDA’s sloppy approval process for the release of abortion pills mifepristone & misoprostol; 2 FDA labeled pregnancy a “serious and life-threatening illness”; 3 allowing drugs to be dispensed through the mail without a physical exam to diagnose life threatening issues like gestational age or ectopic pregnancy. Lord help us!


Pray for good news on a biopsy


Friend and customer Kenny Culpepper of McGehee is dealing with Stage 4 Liver cancer. Prayers that the treatments he is being subjected to, will send the cancer into remission would be most appreciated. Thank You, Bruce


Please agree in prayer for moms & dads, asking the Lord to guide them to learn the realities of abortion. The "problem" is not solved! It’s traded for something even worse. Seeing other children at birthday parties, on school buses, in playgrounds, restaurants, etc. after they take the life of their child will be painful daily reminders. Lord, lead them to available help. Give them the determination to carry their baby to term. I pray that no attack of the enemy would succeed, in Jesus' name!


My high school best friend, Joshua Anderson, and his wife, Emily, just lost their daughter due to a premature birth. She was born at just over 22 weeks. They were able to share 14 hours with her and she fought hard. Please pray that they will go to God in both their frustration and thankfulness.