Why membership matters

Although the New Testament says little explicitly about "joining a church" in the modern sense of the idea, the New Testament speaks clearly about loving relationships and the highest standards of accountability in the Body of Christ. This was realized in the every day living of life in the major cities to the small villages of Palestine and the Greco-Roman world.

Becoming a member of Christ Church means you fully accept the sacred and wonderful responsibility of loving God, loving one another and incarnating the Gospel of Jesus as the Body of Christ. This includes the acceptance and cohesive embracing of our doctrinal statement as well as the active involvement in the fulfilling of our purposes at Christ Church. Therefore, we acknowledge that Christ Church is not for everyone.

Why do we exist?


  • Living out the example of grace in our own broken lives
  • Loving and valuing people the way Jesus does
  • Speaking His words and replicating His ministry actions
  • Honoring the truthfulness and authority of Scripture
  • Building integrity-based relationships
  • Speaking boldly about the Gospel and the Kingdom of God
  • Building strong marriages and families


  • Worship: Bringing glory and honor to God
  • Evangelism: Bringing people into God’s Kingdom
  • Discipleship: Bringing believers to maturity by the Holy Spirit as Followers of Jesus Christ
  • Missions: Planting churches around the world
  • Family: Helping build strong marriage and strong parent-child relationships
  • Mental and Spiritual Health Counseling: Grace Counseling Clinic
  • Social Justice: Caring for the persecuted Body of Christ and fighting for social justice for those who can't fight for themselves such as the unborn

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