prayer request for CHrist Church

the prayers of the saints


Adddition Anxiety


am hoping you can pray for my health. I have been having nerve pain on my scalp, which has migrated all over my body. They think its due to anemia but not positive so I will begin taking a supplement to help. I would appreciate if you can pray for resolution and answers. While I know satan is putting doubt and fear into my mind, it’s hard to not be scared with a little baby at home who is only 6-months old who needs her mommy around for a long time and who is healthy. I know the Lord has a plan for me but your prayers for resolution would mean so much to me. Thank you!!


(Bill Ledbetter) My grandpa made it through the surgery fine. Thanks for your prayers. Please continue to pray that the coming days are smooth for him and that my family and I are able to keep in contact with him and make him feel loved and supported.


Pray for Theresa Alba. Theresa, close friend of the Finleys, is struggling bone marrow cancer.