important INTAKE & THERAPY documents for clients
of Grace counseling clinic

  • Welcome to Grace Counseling Clinic! It really is a privilege to care for you. Please read through my prolepsis for counseling. Included in this document is information to help you make healthier choices, improve sleep, and prepare for each counseling session. 

  • Please use this Release of Information form for consultations. Print the form, fill out the fields, and sign. Bring the form with you to your next session.


  • Sleep is one of the most important parts of our health. Some emotional and behavioral problems are directly related to sleep deprivation. 

  • This tool helps clients begin to understand the differences between facts and feelings and the ways we react with specific behaviors. By charting out the facts of a problems and charting our feelings that are generated by the facts (or our perception of the facts), we can better understand why we feel motivated to behavior in certain ways. 

  • Reading God's Word is an important process in maturing in facts over feelings. Read through these Scriptures and step a step in maturing your faith. If you have any questions about faith, God, or the Bible, contact our Care Manager, Tammy Perkins. Email: or text: 501-749-4841.

  • Understanding the impact of trauma and shame on our lives is life-changing. When we discover why we feel what we feel and behave in the ways we behave, we can recognize healthier ways of living meaningful lives. This one is critically important. 

  • This tool helps us identify a common series of actions-reactions in destructive relationships. Great tool to learn how to avoid the horrible problems that can ruin meaningful relationships. 

  • Understanding our core beliefs is a powerful step in discovering who we are and how we can live healthier lives. Really good stuff here. 

  • Learning to work with our capacity for worry is an importance skill. Sometimes our worry is based on very real and specific threat. Sometimes our worry is based on irrational ideas or feelings. This tool will help you set some time aside to tackle worry and anxiety. 

  • For those of us who battle anxiety, creating a "mountain out of a more hill" is known as catastrophizing the problem. This worksheet helps us decatastrophize our perception and response to our problems and anxieties. 

  • This assessment tool is designed to help a couple understand each other's needs and begin to find practical ways to love and care for one another.